Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

8 Tips for Effective Social Media Communication

8 Tips for Effective Social Media Communication
Here’s how to develop an online presence built on integrity so you can post, tweet, and blog nutrition messages and have a positive influence in the dietetics social media space.

1. Show integrity. Treat the statements you make online as if you’re making them face to face.

2. Remain authentic. Always state who you are and who you represent when posting online.

3. Stay civil. If you disagree with a post, respectfully disagree while acknowledging different viewpoints, being considerate of diverse opinions.

4. Take precautions. Always safeguard personal information, and remember that once information is posted online it stays online.

5. Show professionalism. Always remain ethical, and keep professional and public lives separate. Be cognizant that behavior online affects the reputation of individuals, employers, and organizations as well as the profession as a whole.

6. Keep info confidential. It’s not appropriate to divulge sensitive patient information or discuss clients in a way that violates their privacy.

7. Value originality. Posting trademarked or copyrighted content or intellectual property is never allowed. Give credit where credit is due by citing the source of your information and ideas.

8. Scrutinize your online presence. Monitor your virtual identity routinely to ensure your information is
accurate and credible.